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Dimos D

I was born in Thessaloniki an raised in Alexandroupolis were my first touch with a music instrument was with the Thrace bagpipes (gainta).

I started practicing the drums under the guidance of jazz master Christos Yermenoglou and later on at the Modern Music School of Thessaloniki, where in my second year i got a free scholarship, and at the Music Workshop.

I have played and record many styles of music such as blues, swing, hard rock, punk and black metal. With my bands I have played all around Greece but also in Europe. In July 2016 I participated with my band "The Lost Boys" in Suwalki Blues Festival (PL) alongside with Warren Haynes, Blues Pills, Otis Taylor. Also I have shared the stage with artists such as Marky Ramone, Blues Wire, Vodka Juniors and many others.

I have attended many seminars from artists like Thomas Lang, George Kollias, Joel Taylor, Kostas Anastasiadis. The last years I continue my studies on the piano and in classic harmony. Also I work as a drum educator and as a recording artist as well as playing gigs with my band "The Coreys". I enjoy playing with Flix and  Rstick Drumsticks because they provide me with the best possible quality and stability.