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Born in Athens, studied at Berklee college on full scolarship. Played and recorded with such diverse artists as pianists Mike Jones, Aydin Essen, Vassilis Tsabropoulos and Chris Jacob, saxophonists Jim Odgren, Andy Sheppard and Dimitri Vasilakis, bassists Manuel Orza, Xavier Padilla, Jack Kulp,Yotis Kiourktsoglou and George Fakanas.

He is in regular collaboration with jazz master Craig Bailey and noted organist George Kontrafouris. Sought after clinician he has collaborated with Thomas Lang, Dom Famularo and George Kollias amongst many others. He is currently the head of  Modern Music School percussion department  and working with the power jazz trio Nukeleus involving super pianist Sami Amiris and bassist Pericles Trivolis.

The Black Page p.2

This is the "Easy New York teenage version" of the Black page which, in many ways, is harder to play than the notorious first part.
In this arrangement I changed the instrumentation a bit and also added some percussion here and there. The Turkish chifteteli beat at 3:01
is a bow to Zappa's relentless sense of humour. To skip the intro vamp click here 1:03. Single take, no edits.

Published on Jan 5, 2015

This one is based on the rhythm of a piece by Sami.Subdivision changes between seven and five (occasionally together)


The NUKELEUS Trio Live concert at Novi Sad Serbia
Yannis Stavropoulos
Sami Amiris
Periklis Trivolis

drummer composer
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