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Kostas Hanis was born in Athens in 1956. He received his diploma cum laude from the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens, in the class of Savvas Zannas and he was principal percussionist of the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki from 1982 .

Kostas has been continuously teaching percussion and chamber music at the Contemporary Conservatory of Thessaloniki since 1992. In January 1992 he took part in the piece «Erotikos Choros» by George Minas as a solist with the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki. Kostas has performed in numerous concerts in Helexpo, International Music Days of the 3rd radio program of Greece, in Vafopoulio Pnevmatiko Kentro, in the Laboratory for Alternative Music of Thessaloniki, in the Jazz festival of Patra and the Royal Theatre of Thessaloniki with his performance “Percussion with Percussion”. Moreover, he has been part of the 1st Percussion Thessaloniki Festival, the events of “Mediterranean Bridges” by Megaron – Athens Hall, concerts during the events of Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe in 1997, in the Percussion Festival of Lefkada and the Theater Festival of Thessaloniki. Kostas Hanis was a founding member of “Diotima” and the percussion quarter “Nakara”. In the recording album published by Diotima, he created 5 original compositions infused with ancient greek rhythms and traditional sounds, with the use of various percussive and wind instruments.


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Composition started playing an important role for Kostas from the moment he could utilize percussion as a comprehensive set of performing orchestral music, by experimenting with the power of the natural complexion of percussive instruments and icorporating the classical form/style in works for percussion. He is using a wide variety of percussive instruments such as flower pots and mortars, that are producing clear and melodic sounds.


In 1997, he wrote music for the theatrical piece «Odyssey» that was presented in the Theater Festival of Thessaloniki and two years later he returned with an original composition for ballet and percussion called «Walk to the moon». In 2007 he created «Images for a percussive septet» that were presented by different percussion ensembles in Mylos Thessaloniki. For the department of percussion of the Contemporary Conservatory of Thessaloniki, Kostas has been composing works for small and large groups of students and he is transcripting several compositions for percussion use. In his latest album «Krousis kai Pnoes» he uses melodic and rhythmical percussion as his main instruments, in combination with wind instruments and choir. The album includes nine tracks, four of which were later on reworked to be performed by an orchestra in the form of a tetralogy. On the 2nd of June 2011, Kostas Hanis present his work «Krousis kai Pnoes» for percussion, wind instruments, choir and orchestra, together with the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki.
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Welcome to the FLIX product directory. Here you will find information on our product range.

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