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Alex Spanidis (Drummer/Songwriter) was born in Thessaloniki-Greece in 7th June 1976. Thanks to his father’s passion for music and also seeing his older brother playing piano, Alex started playing drums at the age of 12. He played 4 years as a self-taught drummer with some local bands and then he decided to join concervatory in his town, called New Concervatory Of Thessaloniki (N.C.T.), taking lessons from Christofer Baka in Drums & classical percussion. In 1996 he finished his studies in the drumset and gave some exams for getting into State Concervatory Of Thessaloniki (S.C.T.) for classical percussion only: marimba, timpani, vibes, snare drum, , etc.


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In 2003 he finished his studies with highly-up grades prof. Anastasis  Vasileiadis). Also in 2002 he had started taking lessons in the section of orchestral and Big Band Direction at S.C.T. He finished in 2005(prof. Kleanthis Zarimbas). He’s been in several clinics taking lessons from great drummers such as :

Kenwood Dennard, Lenny White, Peter Erskine, Dave Weckl, Jim Chapin, Billy Cobham, Alexander Mashin, Jacubu Griffin, Nikos Kapilidis, Kostas Anastasiadis, and marimba player- Gergely Nagy.




Member of State Symphonic Orchestra of Thessaloniki in many concerts (1997-1998). Member of the Percussion team of S.C.T. (2001-2003). Member of jazz orchestra JOHANN SEBASTIAN JAZZ (2001-2002). Member of cinematic orchestra SYNCHRONIA (2002-2004). Member as a timpanist and A’percussion player with composer’s YIANNIS MARCOPOULOS orchestra : PALINTONOS ARMONIA (2003-2004). Member of Public Symphonic Orchestra of Kalamaria (2007-2010). Founding member and songwriter in : EKMEK, B-MOVIES, INTIOTEK, EAR. He has played and plays as a session artist or member with : PAVLOS PAVLIDIS&THE B-MOVIES, EKMEK, INTIOTEK, EAR, OLEG CHALY HAMMOND&PIANO TRIO,TRIO GRAVITY,NASA FUNK, BLUES WIRE, NICK&THE BACKBONE, CLOSER, MIMMIS PLESSAS, YIANNIS MARCOPOULOS, YIORGOS KAZANTZIS, TONY LAKATOS, VENTZI BLAKOEV, MICHAEL WEISEBERGER, PETER SALTCHEV, NELLIE TRAVIS, SIMON HELLE, LYDIA FILLIPOVIC, MARC ABRAHMS, THEODOSIA TSATSOU,ELENI TSALIGOPOULOU,REMOS and many others. Finally he teaches in : Synchrono Odeum Thessaloniki, Macedonian Concervatory of Thessaloniki, Aristoxenio Concervatory, Concervatory of Edessa, and in public music schools of Thessaloniki,Serres,Ptolemaida and Siatista.
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Welcome to the FLIX product directory. Here you will find information on our product range.

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